4 Tips to Strengthen Your Offer When Buying a House | #KeriTV Episode #2

Hey guys.  It’s Keri White.  I was just talking to a client about how to strengthen their offer, and I wanted to share some tips.  Whether you’re a first-time buyer or you’re buying a condo for a kid or another condo, you still want to make sure that you’re writing as strong of an offer as possible.  As we were just reviewing, the condo market in LA is absolutely on fire right now.  Here’s four good tips.

You can strengthen your offer without just increasing the price.  There’s other factors involved, like contingency time frames and seller costs.  You can definitely strengthen your offer.  Two.  Write a really clean offer.  I know it sounds crazy, but there’s so many places in an offer that an agent can make a mistake.  I just saw an offer come through where the deposit was listed on the offer price.  They were basically paying zero for the home and they were putting down, as a deposit, the entire amount.  Anyway, it was a mess.  If an agent sees this offer, they don’t want to take an offer from an agent like that.  The third thing you can do is have your lender give the agent a call, and say “Hey, I know you just got an offer from Mary Sue.  She’s my client.  She’s awesome.  She’s approved.  She’s just rolling in cash.  You should take her offer.”  When all else fails, you can try number four.  Show up at their office with cookies and wine, and bribe them, and tell them you’re the best buyer ever.


Most importantly, you need to work with a rock star agent who’s going to help get you into one of them.