Cashing out on a condo! | #KeriTV Episode #1

Hey everybody, it’s Keri TV.  I’m super excited for my clients, my sellers.  We just closed on their condo in Marina Del Rey.  We’re on Redwood here, in this beautiful complex.  Wouldn’t you love to live here? 

I’m super excited because they made out on this place.  I sold it.  They’re some of my favorite clients, I’m actually really sad that they’re moving away.  That’s okay, that’s what happens in life.  They’ll come back and visit, right?  You guys will come back and visit, right, if you’re watching this?  This condo here was bought in 2012, for five hundred and twenty-nine thousand, I think it was.  Five twenty-nine, in 2012.  They did some upgrades inside, like scraping the ceiling, putting hardware floors in, and painting.  They put a little work into it, but it was mostly original from the 80’s.  They just closed today for nine hundred and sixty-three thousand dollars.  I’m just so excited for them that they were able to make such good money on this place.  So.  That’s a great story. 


The second point I want to make about this is that timing is everything.  Earlier this year, condos were taking a little while to sell.  Once the summertime market hit, we put it up.  We had multiple offers.  Previously, we were getting activity under asking price.  Because they were patient and let the summertime market come in, we ended up getting multiple offers.  They got over asking price.  The second buyer, right when we were going through the last round ended up walking away.  We’re so grateful that that buyer stayed in.  This floor plan, the nineteen twenty-nine square foot two bedroom, two-bath, in this last year, four just came up and sold all at the same time.  The competition was so fierce.  The average price for a condo here on the west side in this area is a million thirty-seven.  This is a two bed, and it went for nine sixty-three.  This was a great deal and a great opportunity for these buyers.  We’re so excited for them.  As you know, since condo prices are going up over twelve percent year after year, it’s a good time to get in and get something fast before they keep rising and interest rates go up!  Get your specialist lined up, and happy house hunting!