Who You Work With Matters | #KeriTV Episode #3

Hey guys.  It’s Keri TV.  I’m talking about some of my super-secret tips today, so you definitely don’t want to miss this episode.

Competition out there is fierce.  What are you doing differently, or who are you working with to make sure you can really get ahead in today’s highly competitive market?  Whether you’re a first time buyer, moving up to a bigger home, selling a big home, investing, or purchasing for a kid, what do you do to stand out against all these other people who are looking to purchase?  Now, here at the agency, we do things a little different.  We have some systems to help our clients that are a little different from other brokerages.  Also, on the Keri White team, we try to go above and beyond to help people out in these situations.  Here’s some of the things we do.


First, we don’t just put people on an MLS drip and send them everything in the multiple listing service that also spits out to Zillow and all those other websites.  We do a targeted search of homes in the area, the size, and the criteria we’re looking for.  We send those people a personalized letter, in a handwritten envelope, letting them know that we have a buyer for their home.  This isn’t a ‘come list me’ type of letter where we’re looking for listings.  We are seriously targeting and spending time sending out mailers to people who may possibly be interested in buying.  If we send out five hundred letters, we usually get about three to five calls and usually end up meeting one or two people.  I have done three sales from letters like this to my clients off-market.  That’s a really good tip.  Another one is to look up all the agents that have sold a property similar to what your clients are looking for in an area, whether on the list-side or the sale-side, send them an email, call them and ask them, Hey!  Do you have anything else coming up in this market?  I’ve got a great buyer, a great family, or a great investor, and they’d really love to get their hands on something.  They’ve having a tough time finding something.  This is a really great way to find pockets that’s outside the box and it’s using your local resources.  Something else that we have that’s great for buyers is we have a pocket system.  What’s a pocket?  We talk about pockets.  Oh, we have pocket listings.  Pocket means you have a little home hiding inside your pocket, so you’re you’re selling a tiny home, no, I’m just kidding.  Pocket listings means it’s not on the MLS that goes out to all the websites.  These are people that are ready, willing and able to sell.  They’re just trying to do something quietly off-market.  We have a system where we can put in anybody looking for a house into this database, and then anybody else that has listed a property that’s not on the market in this database is automatically matched and you get notified that there may be a property for them.  That’s awesome.  We also have two other websites where we keep pocket listings that only we have access to as local agency agents, or in the top ten percent of agents in Los Angeles.


Just to recap, we do actively look on the MLS, but we also reach out to local agents who have sold, and do targeted letters.  We use our pocket resources at the agency and other networks in Los Angeles, and we work our tails off.  Those are some of the things that you can do to get ahead, or you can work with someone who does those things.

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