Interview with Sara Colon | #KeriTV Episode #4

Spotlighting an incredible Business Litigation Attorney, Sara Colón! She’s been doing Business Litigation for almost 10 years and enjoys working with small business owners - learn more about her work and how she can help you, especially with any real estate related issues!

KW: Hey guys, it’s Keri White, it’s KeriTV, and today I’m in the streets of Venice with property mogul, Sara Colón. The reason I’m highlighting her today is because she’s an incredible Business Litigation Attorney, and I want to share her with my world. So, Sara, tell us a little bit about your practice.

SC: Sure! I’m a Business Litigator with the law firm of Brown, Neri, Smith & Khan. We’re located in Brentwood.

KW: Yeah, right by me.

SC: Yes! I’ve been doing Business Litigation for almost ten years now. One of the special things about Brown, Neri, Smith & Khan where I work is that we all have experience at big law firms, but the price tag is a lot smaller.

KW: Oh, I love that!

SC: So you get the experience, for a better deal.

KW: Why did you choose the firm that you’re with?

SC: Well I met the managing partner of that firm when I moved back to Los Angeles from New York five or six years ago, really liked working with him, decided that a big firm wasn’t the place for me—I was interested in helping smaller businesses and full proprietors. Because you really feel a lot more of a connection when you’re working with a small business owner; you feel like you’re making a difference.

KW: And there’s so many small businesses on the west side, especially with all these start-ups—there’s probably so many people that could use your help, people that have fitness companies, and tech companies, people that have social media companies…my gosh! Must be busy!

SC: Yeah we’ve had clients in the entertainment industry, in the insurance industry…

KW: Entertainment, insurance…

SC: …real estate related clients…

KW: Real estate…a lot of realtors will watch this.

SC: Yeah, it’s…

KW: Go sell some houses!

SC: (Laughs) Our practice is very general, right? Any time there’s a business in need of any nature, we can help the client.

KW: Okay.

SC: Basically, our practice is centered around Federal and State Court proceedings, as well as arbitrations. We handle business disputes related to contracts, partnerships, investors; basically, anyone that needs to go to court or arbitration on a civil matter, we can help them.

KW: Wow, that would help a lot in real estate with all the issues with agents and things like that.

SC: Yes, we have handled many real estate disputes. I actually also have a practice in financial elder abuse, which often involves real estate transactions.

KW: I’m sure. So what type of clients would be ideal for you in the area? What type of people that I work with, could I refer to you?

SC: Sure! Anybody really, anyone that has a commercial dispute. So if someone was involved in a real estate transaction that went bad, we can help them. If somebody had any kind of contract in their business that there’s a dispute about, or they’re afraid that there might be a dispute about, we can advise them.

KW: Helpful! Cool. What do you like most about your career?

SC: I love helping people! I feel like I make a difference.

KW: Yeah, I feel the same way too! (Laughs)

SC: Well, I mean there’s a lot of worse jokes out there in the world, but in reality, I like to say we come after the dispute. We don’t cause it, we’re just there to clean up the mess, and we help people walk through some of the toughest times in their lives.

KW: I’m sure, it’s got to be pretty emotional.

SC: It’s not fun to go to court, no matter who you are, so we try to be their frontline as much as possible.

KW: What are some of the favorite things about what you do?

SC: My job is really interesting, because I’m doing something different every day. Today I was at court this morning, then I was talking to opposing council about a joint seat that we had to submit in the afternoon, I could be researching later today, writing a brief…I get to do all sorts of things.

KW: How do you have any time to go to Pilates, or go see these houses with me?

SC: Good time management!

KW: Great time management! We should do another segment on how you manage your time! I love that. Are you excited about getting a property in Venice?

SC: Yes, I’m praying!

KW: Okay, we’re going to write an opera on a sun beach!

SC: Everybody pray!

KW: Pray to the real estate gods, I pray to them all the time!

SC: Yo hablo español.

KW: What?

SC: I speak Spanish.

KW: Oh my God, you speak Spanish! Thanks so much for stopping by and doing this with me today!

SC: Of course!

KW: I’ve always wanted to be able to refer you more business. So you guys, if you have questions or want to contact Sara Colón, message me.