The Myth Of An Agent | #KeriTV Episode #12

Hey guys. It’s Keri TV, and today I’m talking to you about something that is actually pretty emotional and a little personal, and I just wanted to open up a little bit and be a little bit raw with the world. As if I’m not already a little raw enough, right? Today’s episode is ‘The Myth of the Real Estate Agent’.

This is actually quite an emotional video for me to do because, if you know me, you know I’m super passionate about what I do and super passionate about my clients, to say the least. I was driving last night to a showing, a third showing around seven o’clock at night in traffic for the third time and thinking on my way about the real estate business and the people that I work with. A lot of times in this industry, we end up canceling things. I cancelled dinner on my fiancé last night. We haven’t seen each other in a while. Those types of things in life, cancelling on people, can get other people pretty upset. But when you’re an agent, you’re married to an agent, or friends with an agent, you kind of learn that their clients run their world. Not in the sense of, you do whatever somebody says, but a real estate agent has the myth of being conning, smooth, maybe salesy, looking out for the sale, the transaction, yeah, close, highest deal, rah rah rah! I’m so cool!

The reality is, an awesome agent, the good agents that we work with here, they live and breathe for their clients. All they want is their clients happiness. When they get up in the morning and they have an appointment with somebody that day, they’re thinking about them. They want to look good for them. They want to smell good for them. They want them to be happy when they get there. They want them to like what they’re saying to them. They want them to say the truth and like what they’re saying. Every little thing that happens, we’re thinking about our clients. When the video come back or the photos come back, we’re dying for that text or email from them. Oh, I like how this feel. I like this, or I don’t. If they don’t like that photo and they want it to say this, you’re changing it frantically. It’s all about them. If it’s after hours and something can’t be changed, you’re just thinking and waiting for the next morning so you can let them know that everything’s okay and you have it handled. We really are service providers. We’re client liaison, referral sources, hand holders, therapists, and movers. Not only do we have to know what they’re house is worth, what square footage it is, what the price per square footage is in the area, what just sold down the street, who the agent was, who the buyer was, who bought that house, we also have to know how to work with clients. How to pay our taxes. How to hire assistants. How to do social media. How to do videos. How to keep it all together. How to stay organized. How to make sure they know what’s going on. All the craziness in the escrow. All we want, or all I want, is to make sure our clients feel satisfied, happy, and in control.

I think that maybe is a common myth that people sometimes don’t see. If you’re one of my clients and watching this I hope you know I’m living and breathing for you, and I know that the other agents in this office feel the same way. But agents these days are taking on a whole new role. They’re the Sherpa. They’re the guide. They help them from start to finish. They do walk them through their transaction. Buying or selling a house is really emotional. It’s not just a business transaction. It’s people coming into your house and telling you it’s falling apart and wanting money back. Telling you it’s not worth what it is. You know, this is your home. This is where you’ve made memories, had babies, gotten divorced, and had high school prom photos. The whole thing that goes into your home, where you live.

An agent, someone who sells homes and can handle that level of business, transaction, and that level of maybe emotions and stress, because you become the punching bag to everything that happens during a transaction, even when it’s not your fault. It takes a certain type of person for that industry, especially because it is, you know, ups and downs. It’s not guaranteed. Nobody shows up for work at this office and has a salary. We know that we need to make sure our clients like us and that they come back. But it’s just the importance of, as an agent, what you really do. It’s so common. My masterminds, we’re always moving things around for our clients. Oh, I’ll be a little late to this because I have an inspection and this client needs to see this. Or, we come home early for trips. We change plans. We accommodate our clients the best we can. A lot of times we don’t want them to know that. We just want to serve. We want to please. We want them to be happy. Every text, call, or email is almost like puppies. They just are so excited. They want you to be happy. That’s why, obviously, working with clients who are super understanding is ideal.

I just really felt passionate today about clarifying that it’s not just a transaction. It’s not just pushing a number through in a system. It’s such a personal connection. The agents I work with, I’ve been so inspired lately by badass babes at the agency and women’s empowerment. We really come together. I see it. Late night on their Instagram or weekends, just doing showings and inspections. Okay, I’ll be at this meeting a little later because I’m meeting a client, or, I’m coming back early from a trip. All the little things that people do. It sounds crazy, but it’s so empowering. All we want to do is make our clients happy. I want to dispel that myth. There’re agents out there who super suck. Don’t even doubt it. They super suck. I hate them, I’ll call them out. Don’t you worry. But the people who are really working hard and trying to change the industry, I just want to do a little PSA for them. I love my PSAs, right? I felt super inspired to let everyone know how hard we work and that all we want is for clients to be happy. I’m working harder than ever to keep everything together and making sure that my clients get answered in time. That the right things come out and their photos don’t show up upside down online. I do feel very passionate, lately. I’m very inspired by everybody that I work with and I’m so grateful. If you’re not a client of mine, I love you anyways. I know that your agent loves you the same way. That is my, myth of the agent today.

Don’t be fooled. There’re some jerks out there, and they do not belong on this video. That’s Keri TV episode today. Is it too early for champagne? Cheers guys. See you next week. Hey guys, it’s Keri TV.