4 Free Tips to Freshen Up Your Home This Fall | #KeriTV Episode #6

Hey everybody, it’s Keri TV, and it is fall.  Back to school, summer is over, oh my goodness.  Well, if you live in LA it’s endless summer, so you’re okay.  You’re okay.  Speaking of fall, I wanted to talk about some fun self-home improvement for the fall.  Whether you want to make your space more comfortable, more usable, or more attractive, this is just a few tips that won’t take up too much time or too much money.

Look at your exterior.  Do a big fresh coat of paint on your front door and do a nice glossy one.  That way, when you look right at the front of your house you see this beautiful gleaming door.  Maybe you haven’t painted it in awhile.  Maybe there’s some termite dry rot.  Clean up that front door and put a beautiful new fresh coat of paint on it.  That’s always fun to do.

Maybe you want to go inside and do a fun accent color on one of the walls or go to a couple of rooms and do a cool accent color.  Or clean up some of the trim, the molding, or just freshen up the paint inside the house so you have that nice, aah, feel when you take a look around.  One of the other options is to do something outside.  You could put in some pavers.  You could create more parking outside.  You could do different sizes and shapes to create a beautiful aesthetic outside your home.  Another option to do outside is outdoor lighting.  Oh my god, who doesn’t love twinkle lights?  Every time I see a property with twinkle lights in the photos I know everyone’s going to run to it.  But hey.  I’ve also got twinkle lights.  I’m sure you’ve got twinkle lights too.  Doing some of those lights outside, putting some outdoor seating, maybe a little bench or a little fountain, you could also do some lights along the paths or do some different time of lighting, to create that ambiance.  That’s a good fun fall project to do.

Go into the kitchen.  You could do something fun there with fixtures.  You could change out the faucet, doorknobs and hardware. You could take a look on Pinterest.  Maybe do some gold or brass, something fun in the kitchen to liven it up.  Something that’s usually an easy fix, too, is counter-tops.  If you want to just do a nice clean slate, change up the counter-tops.  You’ve got some new hardware, new counter-tops, you could really make a big  splash in the kitchen in just those small ways.  You could also take a look at the tile.  The back-splash.  Could you just add in a little bit of back-splash between the cabinets and behind the sink to really make things pop?  Really easy type of DIY projects at home that you could do to spice things up. 

 The fourth one that’s pretty easy to do this fall is decluttering.  Aah.  I am obsessed with decluttering.  I like organizing and decluttering.  I am always like, Eric, get this out of here.  Thanks mom.  That is something that’s actually really great and satisfying.  Go through everything.  Do a Goodwill pile.  Take some to the trash, recycling, donate to friends you have, but definitely take some time and be able to breath and live in your space.  You can put some organizers into the closets, into the hallway and your laundry room.  That way everything can be stacked nice and neat, you know where things are and you don’t have any unnecessary junk.  Good riddance. 

So, some fun fall projects.  If you are not handy and you don’t feel like doing this yourself, I wouldn’t.  I’ve got some great local handymen and repairmen, people that can come by and help you out do something pretty fun and easy.  Then, when you get home, you’ll feel great.  Those are some fun fall tips from Keri TV.  Don’t you worry, I’ll be back next week.